mark bonner (lives here)

explain things better, make things look less crappy, not have spelling mistakes, make simple arguments, be clear. this is me. i hope you like stuff.

i never went to school to learn code but i enjoy it, maintain gainful employment in the field, am very tidy, am always learning, and if nothing else i sometimes build decent stuff that's fun to use and works.

"name": "mark bonner",
"occupation": "developer",
"available_for_hire": false,
"consistently_punctual": true,
"team_player": false

technical skills

i believe i appear neutral, maybe even pleasant, though i've been coached to err on the side of neutrality and not attempt what would feel to me like a pleasant expression or smile.


i'm decent at this...


decent at this...


getting better at this...


knock this outta the park.


complain about it, am good at it.


if it's gotta be Lectora.


need a fake license?


not happy with your fake license?

After Effects

in a pinch...


this web stuff is near the beginning of a career change, so that's maybe not confidence inspiring. it does happen to follow a decade of Nursing, so instead know that i can keep your airway patent if you stop breathing in one of our project intake meetings. who cares when i can't connect to your API if you're dead?

tuesdayafternoon media inc.

2010 - present

media developer

crush it on a computer.

  • run two external monitors.
  • know lots of keyboard shortcuts.
  • keep my screens finger-print free.
  • rock my gold for the ladies.
  • know really great websites to check out.
  • like to use the <marquee> tag.
  • *see above

nursing career

2001 - present

registered nurse

help people.

  • Bellwood Health Services - Toronto (addiction / mental health)
  • Telehealth Ontario - Toronto (teletriage)
  • Cedars Sinai - Los Angeles (medical / surgical)
  • Kaiser Permanente - Long Beach (medical / surgical)
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Toronto (emergency)


how to use the Internet to sell things...


go for it...

communicate with me